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Tips To Finding the Right Hairstylist

So you’ve relocated or just simply moved on and it’s time to find a new Hairstylist. There will be many relationships we build in life and hands down, I’d have to say the relationship between you and your hairstylist is one of the most important. I mean not only is she or he the one

7 Reasons Your Hair is Coming Out

Losing your hair?….let’s talk about it. Hair loss amongst women and men is nothing new.  it has become somewhat of an epidemic here lately.  women and men have not been losing there hair for let’s just say a loooong time. However, today people are more open to having the conversation about hair loss due to

Your Hair and Their Opinion….Does It Matter?

  How much does the opinion of others weigh on how you choose to wear our hair? This question was sparked by a discussion I had with someone inquiring about some options for a fresh new do, in the midst of the conversation she mentioned some of what “others” thought she should do with her

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