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So you’ve finally realized it’s time to get your life together and your buns moving. You’ve decided your health is important and using your hair as an excuse not to exercise will no longer fly. So you gear up, hit the pavement, the gym or join a friend who’s been begging you to come some sort of class (that definitely involves sweating). Meanwhile, about 20 minutes into the workout your thinking OMG, my hair!…it’s drenched or definitely on it’s way, your curls have now become a slight wave and those edges…..yeah, not a good look.

The question now becomes do I really need to workout?…YES you do, just in case you were still wondering. The question now is how can I workout and save my hair? The truth is, your going to sweat, whether it’s  little or a lot. The truth is your hair will slightly be compromised, somewhat. The truth is, it will take some extra effort on your part to maintain your hair during and after your workout.

Below are some tips to help maintain your coif while maintaining your physique:

  1. Prep your hair as if your going to bed.                                                                                                              Before you begin any workout routine, prep your hair as if you would before retiring to bed. It’s best to keep the hair off of your skin all together or as much as possible by wrapping, pin curling or placing your hair in a high loose ponytail. To help keep the hair tied down I would suggest using bobby pins, a breathable cotton headband, or a cotton scarf (which will help to absorb some of the perspiration). When placing your hair in a ponytail I would suggest using a scrunchie, since they are ideal for keeping the hair from having any dents.
  2. Dry Shampoo Before and/or after. Dry shampoo has definitely made a come back. No longer are the days when dry shampoo was only used for sick patients who were unable to shampoo their hair. A dry shampoo spray can be applied to your roots prior to a workout to prevent excess moisture from saturating your hair. Dry shampoo can also be applied post workout to absorb some of the moisture and sweat. I would suggest purchasing a dry shampoo with a light refreshing fragrance to keep you hair not only dry but also smelling fresh.
  3. Allow your hair to completely dry.    If time permits, I would strongly suggest letting your hair completely dry after working out. Not allowing your hair to dry can cause your style to be a floppy disaster. If your short on time, blowing your hair with a dryer on a cool setting will also do the trick.
  4. Up your shampoo regimen.  Because sweat can be pretty salty and drying to the hair be prepared to up the ante on cleansing your hair. Now keep calm, were not talking daily, however I do recommend shampooing at least once a week. Due to the fact that the salt from sweat can dry out the hair and scalp and deplete the hair of moisture, more frequent shampoos and applying a deep conditioner is ideal.

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