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7 Reasons Your Hair is Coming Out

Losing your hair?….let’s talk about it. Hair loss amongst women and men is nothing new.  it has become somewhat of an epidemic here lately.  women and men have not been losing there hair for let’s just say a loooong time...

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3 Ways To Finding The Right Stylist

There will be many relationships you build in life, but I’m sure you would agree that finding the right fit for a hairstylist would rank one of the most important. I mean, not only is your hairstylist the one that keeps your crown nice...

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Got Frizz?

Got Frizz?……I’ve Got Solutions! So spring has sprung, the sun is shinning (ok well sometimes it shines), and its about that time to start shedding the layers of clothing. If your anything like me, when it’s time to get...

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Thinking about a Short Haircut?

Thinking about a short cut? Kind of know what you want but not sure? Would you feel more comfortable knowing that you and your stylist are on the same page or at least somewhere in the ballpark?…Check out one of my favorite sites to explore...

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