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Got Frizz?……I’ve Got Solutions!

So spring has sprung, the sun is shinning (ok well sometimes it shines), and its about that time to start shedding the layers of clothing. If your anything like me, when it’s time to get summertime fine, that means pumping up the workout routine, but for some of you, especially my naturalists’s, that also means poof city (Girl, the swell is real lol). Sooo you kinda workout, you kinda sweat and you kinda dread the warm summer days. Now you begin to wonder what in the world am I going to with my hair when the humidity and my roots don’t see eye to eye. Well my friend there are options, chemical free alternatives that allow you to not have to turn down those warm summer night events, that cookout, or even a good workout.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about Keratin/Smoothing treatments, and you may be wondering what’s the 411 on such treatments and/or am I a candidate for such a service?..amongst other questions. Allow me to shed some light and give you a little background info on these services. I promise not to go to into too much chemistry (cuz I can go way left lol) and just keep it simple.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein which is the key component in our hair, nails and skin…in fact our hair is mostly composed of keratin, which gives our hair it’s strength and elasticity. A Keratin/smoothing system can be considered like a filler to those areas in the hair that have lost a bit of it’s tenacity due to chemical, physical and everyday environmental damage, filling in those damaged spots on the hair shaft. Once the keratin is bonded to the hair shaft it assist in adding extra strength, conditioning and most of all blocking humidity from the hair thus keeping the hair frizz free for a pre-determined amount of time (bye, bye puff the magic dragon). In a nutshell, a keratin/smoothing treatment is like a frizz busting conditioning treatment to your hair.

However, not all keratin/smoothing systems are created equal. So what’s up with that?….Well it just depends on what brand it is and what ingredients are used.

1. Some companies label their treatments as just a “smoothing systems”, containing no “keratin” but instead contain another form of protein such as cysteine (which performs the same task as a keratin, yet deemed safer). This system is ideal for all hair types, natural, relaxed and color treated. The frizz free, conditioning results last up to 12 weeks.

2. There are “keratin systems” that of course contain keratin as the main ingredient however, labeled “no formaldehyde”. The systems is best on thick, course and frizzy hair. It can also be applied to natural, relaxed, color treated compromised hair. Some keratin treatments can be a bit stronger than the other so one should be cautious when choosing a keratin treatment since many of them have more straightening power than other treatments. This treatment also last up to 12 weeks.

3. Finally, there are some keratin treatments that do contain formaldehyde or some form of it ( even those disguised with an alternative chemical yet reacts the same). The chemical, formaldehyde is activated once heat is passed through the hair releasing a gas that can possibly cause irritation in some form to the client and/or technician performing the service, and those neaarby. (see here for details..https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/formaldehyde/hazard_aler…). Btw, this would be one system I personally do not offer, since I prefer to keep my lungs in tact and breathing clean air….This treatment in most cases leave the hair a bit more on the straight side for a long period of time (which of course depends on brand, ingredients and the application of such treatment).

Although this was a brief synopsis, I hope this info was helpful in clearing up any questions or confusion in reference to keratin/smoothing treatments. Per usual, I suggest you do your due diligence and consult with your stylist for appropriate options when considering such treatments.

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