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There will be many relationships you build in life, but I’m sure you would agree that finding the right fit for a hairstylist would rank one of the most important. I mean, not only is your hairstylist the one that keeps your crown nice, tight and right, but they could end up becoming one of your besties,  a confidant, like family or just that ear you can count on when you need to vent.  With a salon on every corner and a multitude of hairstylist, the options are endless, which can make for finding the right fit not so easy breezy. As I stated before, this is a relationship and an important one might I add, so whether your looking for your first hairstylist, searching for a new hairstylist or you’ve recently moved to a new city and in need of someone to care for your hair,  being armed with a few tips can make for a great start in finding your perfect match.


This one, hands down is my number one tip, you typically can’t go wrong with a referral.  If you find yourself admiring someone’s hair you like, this would be a great opportunity to ask them who did their hair and if they wouldn’t mind sharing the stylist contact information. Now if it’s one thing I know for sure about women, it’s that we love compliment, so sharing the inside scoop on who’s responsible for their cuteness most likely wouldn’t be a problem. Bottom line a referral is already vetted.


Technology has made it quit easy to search for just about anything these days and finding a local stylist would be no different. With so many social media options available it’s quit easy to find a link to a stylist by searching for specific hashtags. For example, hashtags similar to #dmvstylist, #pixiecuts, #healthyhair #colorist etc, will automatically pull up results based on exactly what your searching for. Social media is also a great place to engage, read reviews and see what others are saying about your potential prospect.


Consultations Are King

Calling the stylist and requesting a consultation could save you time and gas. Consultations give you a chance to get a feel for who your prospective stylist is. During this consultation you both get to know what your expectations are, and chances are you will get a vibe right off the break if you two will even mesh together. In order to get the most out of this consultation, I would suggest you be prepared with questions that are of importance to you, any great stylist will be open and honest about what they can or cannot offer you.


Book A Simple Service

Hey what can I say, just jump in. Booking an appointment for something as simple as a blowout, will give you a feel for the salon environment, how the stylist runs her business, or how well her products work on your hair. After all It’s just a blowout, not a marriage proposal. If you find yourself not satisfied, No commitment, If you love it,Great!…you just may have found your match.


I hope these tips were helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on finding the right hairstylist good and bad. Please feel free to leave a comment below.







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