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How much does the opinion of others weigh on how you choose to wear our hair? This question was sparked by a discussion I had with someone inquiring about some options for a fresh new do, in the midst of the conversation she mentioned some of what “others” thought she should do with her hair (insert neck snap emoji) My question to her was, is that what you want?…I’ll leave her answer a mystery, needless to say it got me thinking…do we somewhat allow the opinion of others to affect what and how we wear our hair?

If your a women, at some point in your life, I’m sure you’ve made a decision to make some sort of change to your hair, small or large. The reason for such a change could range from just wanting a new look, a milestone birthday, a new job,  a new you, a sudden life change etc., whatever the reason a change was definitely in order.  However, while your quite stocked about your “new do” and you begin to share your thoughts with others, sometimes those “others” are not quite on board and have no problem telling you so. Fast forward one may begin to feel like mmh , maybe this new look isn’t such a good idea and inevitably talk yourself right out of it. Before you know it, you opt for the same ole, same ole….My friend you have officially created an unconscious perception of what others may think or feel about the way you should or should not wear your hair. This question for me is a bit of an oxymoron, as a hairstylist, I of course have my own opinion about how I think one should or should not wear there hair or better yet, what is or is not ideal or healthy for one’s hair. But at the end of the day, bottom line, it’s your hair.

In my 20+ years of experience, I have found that a women’s head of hair can be her crowning glory, her pride and joy and a pain in the ass all at once. It’s the part of you that everyone sees as you enter a room, It’s your visual ID, it can make or break the new outfit your trying on in the dressing you, it can be the deciding factor for your mood on any particular day and because of these reasons and many more, one should always feel confident with how they choose to wear their hair. After all it is you who will be wearing it, it is you who will care for it and it is also you who will be affected emotionally by it’s journey one way or the other. Truth be told there is always something we as women would add or change when it comes to our hair….curly over straight…straight overly curl…thick over thin…long over short…no grey over grey. I could go on and on,  the point is, you should celebrate what you have and by all means be confidant with your decision about how you wear your hair. Your want color…get it. You want a cut..cut it. You want more length…add it. Don’t allow the opinion of others to affect what you do or don’t want to do with your hair, only to end up secretly wishing you had stayed true to your self. After all, it is YOUR HAIR.



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