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Combatting Dry Hair

Have you ever touched your hair and felt like you have been sun bathing in the sahara desert? Ever wondered why your hair just can’t seem to get enough moisture? Or why it seems your not getting the results you want from the styling products you use? All valid questions and trust me your not the only one with these questions. There are many reasons why your hair lacks moisture and have your sometimes feeling somewhat dehydrated.

Below I have listed some of the main causes of dry hair along with some solutions to regain moisture:


1. Chemicals: including Color and Relaxers for obvious reasons. Chemicals penetrate to the layer of the hair that determines the strength and integrity of the hair. Over a period of time, continued use of chemicals can weaken the structure of the hair causing the hair shaft to lessen it’s ability to hold moisture.

2. Environmental Elements including lots of exposure to the sun, brisk cold weather, chlorine, sweat and change of climate for obvious reasons.

3. Physical Health which includes a diet lacking the proper amount of protein, vitamins and water. Illnesses, hormonal imbalance, medication and medical treatments can also cause severe dry hair.

4. Excessive Styling Product, Electric Tools and Excessive Shampooing. This is when that phrase ” too much of anything can simply be just too much” rings true. All of the above can strip the hair of it’s natural oils stripping the outer layer of the hair and causing it to feel rough and dry.

This list contained the top four basic reasons but just for time sake and so you don’t feel like your reading a medical report, we’ll save the extended version for another time. The question right now is what can you do about it? No need to fret, you know I’ve got you covered. Below I’ve listed a few solutions.


1. Increasing and maintaining your water intake. We all know water plays a massive role in our overall health. Which means water plays an important role when it comes to our skin and scalp. Without the proper amount of water our skin cells can dry up and cause dry hair and flaky itchy scalp. Healthy scalp equals a healthy head of hair.

2. ABC. If your hair has been chemically processed. It would be best to ABC (always be conditioning) and I mean deep condition. I recommend a steam or hydration treatment, which opens the cuticle and allows the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. This will lock in the moisture needed and over time increase the moisture level of your hair. However, you may also use a hot towel, plastic cap and a hooded dryer to deep condition.

3. Be One and Done. Basically, keep it simple…shampoo, condition, and style, once between your next shampoo. Applying excessive heat on soiled hair is somewhat similar to cooking something over and cooking again (total overkill!). Ask your stylist for tips on how to maintain your coif between visits without heat.

4. Just for you products. Choose the right product for your hair. I’ve had the pleasure of touching many heads of hair and what I know is that all textures aren’t created equal. If your unsure, don’t hesitate to ask. A simple rule of the thumb to use would be to ask yourself are my roots dry or oily. If your on the drier side look for a creamy based product that contain a bit of jojoba oil, shea butter, rosemary, or any natural like ingredient. Stay away from petroleum based products since they seem to build up on the scalp and hair shaft blocking growth follicles and creating an environment for dirt and debris. None of this allows moisture to penetrate, eventually causing the hair to dry out and possibly cause breakage.

In conclusion, There are many reasons why one may suffer with dry hair. The good news is, in most cases there is something you can do about it. As always, I encourage you to have a discussion with a professional to help pin point the cause and a possible solution.


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